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hey, i'm new to the community. it seems cool and all... so uh... anyone post much here? just wonderin...

i guess i'll stick up some "fetishes" since that's kinda what this board is for. Let me just say beforehand that i think normal sex kicks ass too, and sometimes even prefer it... just depends on mood, am i right? and who i'm with really makes a difference too.

lesee here...
first and foremost, BONDAGE! everyone loves that stuff, right?
thene there's hot candlewax, genital 'torture', ICE is wonderful, biting (the harder the better. a little blood with your cum anyone?), genital spanking, clamps, a little anal either way, blindfolding, a limited selection of foods, catgirls (no i dont give a DAMN if they arent real, just dress up as one. and then imagine the influence a tail could have on sex), limited role play (no goddamn firemen and hookers. fuck that stuff)... um... i know there's more, but my brain's gone for now. i'll stick some more up later.
that's me in a nutshell. here i am, have at me!
and comment! o.O
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