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First Contact (Pun intentional)

Below is a fragment of Aliens Contact Mid-West School story I will probably never finish. Old fashioned headmistress knows how to deal with pesky ornery girl no matter what galaxy they come from.

one of the Three is trapped in a lift without the others and whisked off to another floor to an interview with the headmistress. Cowardly without her powers she still has the nerve to try to stare the headmistress down but this was a fruitless bluff and both parties knew it. Spinning the Alien girl around the headmistress jack-knifed her into an undignified bum uppermost position with her head forced into the carpet of the lift. With joy she began to do what she'd wanted to do for three month now pummel the stretched tight seat of the regulation grey school skirt before her. With gusto the flat of her hand impacted into soft resilient girl-flesh again and again. For a good 2 minutes she was so into the experience that she quite forgot why she was there but eventually her head cleared and the interrogation began. Must effort has been spent on First Contact procedure in science fiction and government think tanks. The headmistress kept it simple. She asked questions. If she wasn't answered promptly she spanked. On & on until she was answered. If the answer wasn't clear that was 10 spanks Any attempt to deceive was 20 spanks. Irrelevancies were 30 spanks. Hauteur Insolence(Oh you are not evolved enough to understand that) or other inappropriate attitude a sliding scale of 40 to 60 spanks depending on how much it pissed her off. When in doubt she spanked. A human girl would have played ' Why are you picking on poor little me' Give the Alien credit some basic arrogance blocked that. Would it have made any long-term difference? Probably not. It kept at least one thing simple though. Within 5 minutes the major barrier to communication was down both parties sincerely wanted
to be openly responsive to the other

Breaking their word is physically impossible to them
This the headmistress put to empirical test as far as was in her power ,her father the scientist would be proud of her. She tricked the Alen girl who she dubbed AMBER into swearing no to call her by her 1st name (Ruth) and proceeded to try to spank AMBER into doing just that. 30 minutes of bare-bottom with all the skills of her office all the tricks of her large private experience. Spanked her into a screaming frenzy but still she would not break her word. If she was fooling that hard maybe she deserved to win!

Atitudes expressed in are those of the characters and not me. Me I've taken my tablets again and I'm fine now. I guess I jusr saw too many Mystic Maidens come down to condesend gently and tell us to CLEAN UP OUR PLANET
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