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Have come into coupla hundred pounds and am trying to get some spanking fantasies of mine illustrated- nothing fancy pen& ink or charcoal sketches.
Have come up with more idea than I could possibly afford to have done.Thought I might share them with you.
Be warned I believe with youmei that a Fantasy is neither Politically Correct or Incorrect. OK Onwards

1. Have you seen those pictures of Guliver in Liliput tied to the ground by myriad minuscule ropes? Change that to 15 year old wild looking with multi-coloured dyed hair, full of attitude. With T-shirt (if you can manage to show the motto on the front its 'I'm still my Daddy's Little Darling' ) and cut off jeans almost into a crude form of hot-pants. Pulled down now with knickers to mid-thigh Tied down bum uppermost over (to Lilliputian eyes) a low hill by thousands of ropes no thicker than wool strands. Being spanked either by a gigantic (to Lilliputian scale) steam powered spanking machine run by fat old Lilliputian with a pipe in his mouth & a bored expression or by hundreds of Lilliputians each pummelling her/his marked off square (Dunno if the last idea quite works better stick to the steam spanking machine).
2. Have you seen those old 50's SUPERMAN panels where Superman via superspeed does a multi-person task all by his ownsome? If you haven't this won't mean much. Anyway they'd show him say building a wall and there'd be semitransparent figure of him mixing the mortar another of him laying the bricks another of him pointing he joints. All joined by streaks representing speed blurring. Now apply this to Superman handing out justice to a group of teenage supervillianesses. -A One-Person (virtually) simultaneous group spanking. One Spank to #1 zip to #2 grab hold one spank to her onto number #3 … onto #N and then repeat cycle for subsequent spanks. Fast enough that to human eyes Superman would be in several places at once-with a touch of speed blurring for a realistic effect. - Whacking away at multiple bums at once. I see the girls as being dressed in Standard DC Futuristic Outfit's -basically lyrex leotards (with mystic marks on their chests) and mini-skirts with plastic moulded boots.. Nice to have a mixture of blonde and dark-haired. Don't suppose you could have more than 3 or 4 or the page would get cluttered. Nice to have a variety of expressions one yelling another trying to take it with some dignity but can't help wincing, another crying her eyes out. All over his knee would be monotonous See them in a variety of undignified postures, one caught on her hands and knees, one forced against a wall with her hands held one-handedly (by Superman) twisted behind her. One held up by her legs, miniskirt (like the extremely short skirts worn by ice-skaters) draping down, looking sorta like a baby being spanked into taking its 1st breath. Don't think bare-ass is as effective here the costume is part of the effect.
3. IF CLEOPATRA'S CHARMS HAD'NT WORKED. Roman General -presumably Caesar- seated on a set of steps with Egyptian Princess (with headress etc) OTK grim faced pounding away. Cleopatra desperately trying to keep some dignity. Maybe some pillars with Hieroglyphs on them in background. Problem such princesses are usually pictured in long flowing almost skin-tight dresses slit to the knee. Would be more effective if you could show this rucked up to the waist exposing bare bum. Dunno how difficult this is to do artistically though. Don't think the obvious idea of stripping her below the waist works. She stops being an elegant princess transduced but becomes any naughty young teenager. If the rucked up idea don't work almost as good over the skirt as these sheer linen dresses were moulded to the figure and semitransparent and underwear hadn't been invented.-an almost nude effect can be achieved
4. REVENGE.2 Panels. 1st Panel on left: RED SONJA-like character stripped to the waist tied to a flogging post being whipped by soldier on her bared back. Meanwhile arrogant lady in semi-transparent harem trousers looks on barking orders, 2nd Panel RED SONJA-like character with no longer arrogant lady OTK with harem trousers down around her knees administering sanction. Lady yelling like a baby. Nice if you can pose R. SONJA so that marks of whipping on her back show.
5. Alternative World Queen Elizabeth I deals with a plotting teenage minx of a Mary Queen of Scots domestic correction-wise in front of the English Royal Court. NOTE that the hooped skirts popular at the time flipped up to reveal NO UNDERWEAR. See Q. Elizabeth's face as stern determined concentration her hand flashing down. See Mary of Scot's shocked horror and disbelief;winces against her will. Gentlemen of the Court amused and aroused. Ladies of the court giggling into their Fans Yes I know Mary was Elizabeth's age really that's why its an Alternative world.
6. SCHOOL'S OUT Red Sonja-like characters again but early teens. Bunch of them (in a variety of yer standard fantasy revealing leather outfits)corraled in a cave. One (Centre) being spanked by Conan Figure bare-assed. Others (stage Right) waiting their turn showing varieties of defiance, outrage and fear. Older woman(right of spanker left of spankee queue) threatens first in line with Horsewhip to remove the minuscule protection of her leather undies ready to replace the poor girl being bum-basted as of now. Blonde (Stage Left) already spanked shows battered ass to friend who shows sympathy plus apprehension at her turn coming.
7. Middle Background: dark-haired Centaur Princess with silver tiara, late 20s, held rigidly in one of those double trellis like thingeebobs they use too hold unruly horses while their being shod (might be called a crush-cage) being whipped on the ass by a old man with a short handled whip-obviously her ass stick outa the RHS of the cage. Look of bold defiance on her face. Front Left: sister fair-haired female centaur in early teens being held by sheer strength by the shoulders by muscular man in his 30's while wrinkled old lady holds up her tail and paddles her rear vigorously with a shovel.(not a proper shovel one of those short handled jobs with a 2 foot handle) Look of strained determination on her face. Front Right: daughter of 1st mentioned 3 year old centaur foal hauled over knees of laughing youth being spanked by hand (front legs over on LHS back legs RHS side of knees , scruff of hair held in left hand while right hand does the business), Little princess Yelling bloody murder
8. Scene on some Pacific Island call it Hawaii in the 19th century. Group of Polynesian girls in grass skirts loosely clustered around Preacher in hobnailed boots and pies-nez spectacles seated on the ground spanking one of their number. Bare ass showing through the grass skirt ,tears flying. Torn Bible on the ground in front of them (CAPTION) 'I'll teach you to respect the Word of God!!'
9. Cluster of your basic assorted Aliens from the Bar scene in STAR WARS clustered around a dark-haired girl in a skin-tight spacesuit and bubblehelmet being spanked by a humanoid robot. Obviously in pain she turns to us and declaims (CAPTION) "Well OK. But I still say 'Fuck them if they can't take a joke!'"
10. African girl gang leader has confrontation with Tribal Leader. CENTRE. See her in torn jeans and dirty T-Shirt (Motto 'SHIT HAPPENS') plus shades OTK with him in Full tribal Costume. LEFT See his warriors holding her followers back while he spanks her centre stage. RIGHT Her motorcycle sprawled on the ground off to one side of the pair with a pool of oil on the ground,
11. Puritan Woman hold Spanking Bee. Woman in Dutch Caps and sober black dresses in Pioneer kitchen taking they're pre-teen to 20 daughters over their laps. Both bare handed &, for older miscreants with aid of butter paddle. One faced with a hearty 26-year-old shares the task and halves the toil with her sister. Sitting facing each other they interleave their knees forcing the spankee ,skirt jerked up despite her protests, over that combined joint lap. One takes up off her shoe and concentrates on the left buttock. While the other takes a 6" long roofing shingle and concentrates on the right. Their combined other hands holding down with difficulty the outraged young woman. Soon their labours are rewarded by bellows of pain. All the women are talking and joking to each other and obviously making a social occasion of it.
12. Court of Love Desecrated by birch welding chaperone. 15th Century Lorraine (Southern France) Midnight-lighted by flaming torches. As their suitors are driven off by the Men-at-arms. Milady ,her attendant ladies-of-the-court and the maids are upended with no regard to rank or degree by the footmen. And are presented bare-ass to the attentions of the lecturing chaperone's birch. Soon the sound of poetry and murmurs of love-talk are replaced by sobs of pain and cry's for mercy
13. Man is last descendant of some Medieval Ancestor who offended the Queen of the Fairys. The Fairies are long gone but man is recipient of curse which involves him being tormented by mischievous water spirit once a year. She floods his rooms destroys his papers drives away all his girlfriends. At Wits end until he confides in his sister who is engineer specializing in compressed gases. They track down the water spirit to its lair. Where she mocks them “What yer gonna do you me a bloody nose?” The sister laughs & whips out a cylinder and sprays spirit with a spray of dry ice converting her to the constituency of a thick Slushie (kids drink of thick mixture of crushed ice water and water + flavouring) and she slumps to ground. Man whips out steel paddle ,also provided by sister, brushes aside the semi-solid wisps of clothing the spirit has been provided with and whomps her semi-solid ass 50 times. Stepping back as she reverts to liquid form tears of pain mixing with her substance he warns her that any repeat performance of last years trouble will result in double next year. Spirit contritely removes the curse and vanishes. Sister tell brother ‘You owe me one.’
14. ISN’T MODERN TECHNOLOGY WONDERFUL Through the centuries Mermaid Girls have been the bother and the bane of the underworld Kingdom. Even King Neptune can expect his collection of rare shells to be plundered and his beard pulled if he protests. But how can you spank someone without a bum? & How can you spank underwater anyway? King Neptune rescues the Engineering Director of MIT from drowning. As men do they get chatting about their problems. ‘I’ll get my people to sort it out’ the mortal boasts. King N. laughs. But 6 month later a ship drops a package of a gross of water-proofed SPANKAMATICS (good to 1000 metres) nuclear battery powered they consist of a handle attached to a palm sized base-plate that moves in and out ¾” several hundred times a minute underwater when the handle is pulled with the force greater than the strength of even an immortal king. Capable of bruising flesh even through a tough layer of scale covered hide. Shrill screams are heard coming from the deeps for several weeks then peace embraces the watery kingdom for the 1st time in thousands of years.
15. THE MYSTIC THREE. Flying saucer is seen landing in hills of small town in America. Beginning of term 3 tall slender 17 yr old girls join the new intake. Soon it is found that there is something weird about these three. They always go about together .They have an unhealthy influence over the other girls and soon even teachers excluding the determined and resourceful headmistress. But she can apparently do nothing. The girls demonstrate weirder and weirder powers enslaving triplets of other girls who in a minor key way also. Then luck gives the headmistress a break. An accidental separation of one of the slave triplets restores them to normal. The Mystic Three always go about together may they must. Risking all a trap is set up whereby one of the Threesome is trapped in a lift without the others and whisked off to another floor to an interview with the headmistress. Cowardly without her powers she confesses that they are cosmic truants and beg not to be delivered to the American Government which would treat them like zoo specimens. The headmistress no friend to the government agrees PROVIDED they agree to 3 conditions. A They must agree to a public spanking before the whole school B. They must leave immediately afterwards and never come back C. No revenge overt or subtle. The Alien Girl blushes at the shame but accepts. The whole school is called together in the courtyard and after being sword to silence the Mystic Three are paraded in 3 separate classrooms so that the walls between will insulate against their powers and open windows so that the crowd of excited girl can hear all. Grey school skirts are raised on command and brightly coloured panties are exposed covered with Kabbalic Symbols. Soon these must come down exposing rainbow coloured pubic hair and slim white buttocks soon to be red.. 5 spanks each are administered from each of the girls they have dominated followed by 10 strokes of the paddle each from the headmistress. Soon cries in tongue never before heard on Earth rend the air and the other girls cheer to see the total abasement of their tormentors. Afterwards a jeering crowd mobs the sobbing triad as they creep stiff legged towards their spaceship in the hills.

Like fleshy rounded bums not the minimal supermodel sort. Woman's bums come in several varieties of shapes. In those fantasy's involving multiple spankees a variety is a good thing as is a variety of spanking positions.(except in # 12 where that is not practical
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