MIKE SHERWOOD (dmsherwood53) wrote in 51nc1ty,


The following is metioned for the s/m content and if anyone would like to use it as an incident in a story.Warning it is a bit of a Friend of a Friend story I don't witness to its actuality

A DOWNMARKET AREA OF TOKYO Old Man apparently frail is sweeping leafs. Girl gang someof them in leather jackets with the typical (for Japanese youth) red and orange streak marks in their hair. Move in on him mockng jeer couple shoves. Man rears back starts wielding broom like kendo staff whacks girls on head and shoulders but mainly their corduroy covered fannies. Corrals them into a tight bunch while shouting at them in excited Japanese. Crowd mainly store holders from the area gather crowd the girl clump. Verbal abuse on both sides. Suddenly a couple of kimono clad woman wrestle one of the girls prone over a nearby seat and start unbuckling her jeans. Idea spreads and over tables sitting on stone steps even the sweepers upended bucket a dozen or so olive colored buns taste the Polluted sub-tropical Tokyo sunlight but a bad sun-tan is not what these girls have to fear. Big bums small petite geisha flower blossom bums Sound of hands hitting cheeks fill the square mixed with girlish gasps of pain and curses. Goes on for a good 20 minutes then the crowd disperses .Gang slinking off rubbing their bruises .being awfully stiff upper lip (and stiff legged) about it. Old Man finishes his sweeping chortling with secret glee
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